We have found that for most of us we desire to be part of a community, something bigger than ourselves. We have also found that for many of us we long to not only believe that God exists but we long to see Him at work. There’s a desire in all of us to witness His power as He changes lives, meets needs, answers prayer, draws people to Himself and builds His Church.  This desire for community and to see God at work is what Restored Church is all about. 

I’ve spoken to people who want to be part of a church, but so often they are left feeling like they don’t fit in or they feel like they are someone’s project to fix. Our heart at Restored is that every person has a past but every believer has a future.  

We have been praying that God would bring those who are unsure about God, those who have questions who want a safe place where they can seek answers. 

We have been praying that God would bring those who have abilities and passions but don’t feel they are plugged into the church they are attending. 

We are praying for God to bring those who have drifted, life is busy and your faith has taken a back seat but you are ready to change that.

When you step into the Recreation Center on Sunday mornings you will find a warm and genuine welcome, people who want to help, good coffee and a place to be part of community that is seeking God. 


 Every person has a past. Every believer has a future.


We are a church who exists for the glory of God. Each of us are coming from different backgrounds and pasts, messes and all, but God meets us where we are. We know that when we hold His Word, the Bible, as our authority, He will bring hope and restoration to our lives for His glory and our good. We are excited to invite others in to this community to care for each other and make disciples. In our worship, teaching, community, prayer, and everything we do, we lift up His name and invite Him to change and restore us to look more like Him.


Our core values:

Teaching: Authentic Application

Prayer: Life Changing

Community: Caring Family

Gospel: Restored Lives

Worship: A Life of Purpose

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welcome video

Meet Pastor Glyn and his wife, Becky, and hear their heart and passion for this church! 

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