Church words: Faith - Faith defined

Church words - faith: So often in church’s we use our own unique words - faith is one of those.  

My hope for this series is that we can define faith so we can experience faith. 

1: Faith has confidence.

Hebrews 11:1  Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.”

  • Faith is the vehicle that connects us to God

  • Thats what the confidence in this verse is referring to. 

  • Confidence leading to hope - God is in control & God has a plan 

    • What we hoped for: to wait with confidence, to trust with hope and expectation. Faith has substance – faith is specific.

  • Assurance - means a trust

    • Assurance: What can be believed – what can be trusted the substance of our faith. The foundation of our faith; the ‘bucket’ that contains our faith.

Faith is not:

  • You or I simply hoping - it’s not like those Hallmark movies where one person hopes the person they like, likes them and it tase the whole movie to resolve that  

  • Faith is not simply ‘believing therefore its real’ - I can believe I should have played professional soccer but I wasn’t good enough 

    • Think about this - Lies are lies even if everyone believes them - the truth is the truth even if no one believes it 

But understand this: It’s not faith that’s all powerful - it’s the object of your faith that’s so important 

Faith as a bicycle illustration. 

  • Imagine this scene 

  • You are the parent of a young child 

  • You are teaching your child to ride a bike 

  • You spend ages holding the back of the saddle and giving germ confidence 

  • Then one day they do it - they ride their bike by themselves 

  • As they come back to you with a massive smile and jump off their bike to hug you

  • You push them aside and hug the bike 

  • Bike is the vehicle that helps your kid learn  

  • Faith itself isn’t what we are focused on 

  • To grow in faith we look to the object - the substance of our faith 

Here’s a helpful summary so far: Faith is confident belief in God.

  • So we’ve defined what faith is; now let’s develop this a little and talk about what the substance, the focus of faith should be.

You see you may have thought I was downplaying the role from faith - Confident Faith is vital but so also is the object of our faith substance.

  • The right focus 

2: Faith has substance.

  • Hebrew 11:6And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him”.

  • Without faith we can’t please God – 

    • Meaning can’t be acceptable, in relationship with God without faith. 

    • Faith is the vehicle that connects us to trust in God.

  • Faith is not some sentiment – some whim – some romantic fantasy – it’s not some fairy tale.

    • God isn’t somehow affirmed by how we respond, God isn’t some insecure weak god who needs us, 

    • God delights in our faith because it gets Him involved in our life.

  • Faith has substance, faith has content.

    • You see faith isn’t some pie in the sky hope – 

    • Like I hope this guy likes me, even though he doesn’t know my name – 

    • That’s wishful thinking without substance. 

Faith has substance and this key verse gives us that substance - Look at the substance of faith:

  • You have to believe that He is 

  • What the Bible says about Him – 

    • Jesus came to this earth proved Himself God - died and rose again 

    • Faith believes that He rewards those who seek after Him.

Our working definition: “Faith is confident belief focused on God, trusting and obeying Him no matter how I feel

So my takeaway for you today is simply this - Is this working definition something you would honestly say describes your faith?

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