Prayer is not......

We’ve been thinking about a prayer at Restored. This week we looked at Matthew 6 and came up with a list of things that prayer is not. Hope this helps and encourages you:

  1. Prayer is not manipulating God to get Him to do what I want - seeking to say to God ‘I’ve been a good person, you should really answer my prayer as I think you should’

  2. Prayer is not Influencing God to get Him to do what I want - ‘I think this is the best idea God’ -

  3. Prayer is not bargaining with God to get Him to do what I want - the is a form of manipulation -

  4. Prayer is not an obligation - a responsibility to be fulfilled - prayer is a gift

  5. Prayer is not simply speaking in our heads, hoping some force or deity might hear us - God hears and answers prayers

  6. Prayer is not a performance based reward - I pray and then God gives what I ask

  7. Prayer is not standing out from the crowd so God hears us

  8. Prayer is not about luck - fortune that God hears us and answers us that day - bit like winning the lottery -

  9. Prayer is not worrying in God’s direction - speaking to God as though He can’t and won’t answer us - worrying is me putting the burden on my shoulders - prayer is me giving God that burden