The "Why" behind restored church

We love the idea behind the name Restored. It gives such a sense of hope. When we think about this concept, this sentence comes to our minds ‘every person has a past, but every believer has a future’. 

For the believer in Jesus Christ restoration is possible with God. There is such hope with the Gospel of Jesus Christ - taking what was lost, taking what was broken and taking what is only dreamed about and bringing that hope into reality. This verse summarizes it all: John 10:10 - "The thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly". 

At Restored Church we believe that it’s not that Windsor needs another church, but we pray that Restored Church will be a different church for you personally. A place of restoration in your life. 

We love the story that Jesus tells in Luke 15 of a wealthy young man who asks his dad for his inheritance. This inheritance would only usually come after a father’s death, so the request tells us so much about this young man. The response to the petition also shows us a lot about the father. The father grants the request. To give his son his inheritance, he would have had to sell off a large part of his estate. 

The young man goes off and blows through his cash pretty quickly. But it isn’t long before the young man realizes what he has lost. He now is a man with a past who wishes so much was different. But the sense of wanting something more is not just the fact that he’s homeless and penniless. Now this young man realizes how much he has failed in his relationship with his father. He understands that all the things he thought he’d find with his wealth only left him feeling empty. His mind starts thinking about his father. He thinks back to the way his father treated his employees, and now this young man wishes he was one of them. This young man thinks he’s already done too much even to be worthy to be called ‘son’ again. So he makes a plan to go back to his dad and ask for mercy. He thinks that maybe his dad will let him be a worker at least. This young man even rehearses what he will say. ‘I’m not worthy’ is how he plans to begin. 

The young man is still a way off from his father's house when he sees in the distance the figure of a man running. As the figure gets closer, the young man recognizes the figure as his dad. The young man clears his throat to begin his rehearsed speech, but he barely gets a word out before his dad welcomes him back. His father hugs him and tells his workers to get clothes and the things his son needs. The father restores his son and celebrates his return. This response is not what the son expected or deserved. 

This story paints a picture of the way God responds to us. The father is a picture of God, and God welcomes back those who’ve wandered off, those who ran off, those who got lost along the way or those who still are looking for peace and purpose and a place to belong in their lives. 

This is why we called our church ‘Restored Church.’ We believe God is still looking for those who He can restore their relationship with Him.