At the heart of every person with faith in Jesus Christ is a longing to see God at work. God is amazing, all-powerful and our loving Father. There’s a desire in all of us to witness His power as He changes lives, meets needs, answers prayer, draws people to Himself and builds His Church. This is what Restored Church is all about. 

Many people are looking for community, a place where they can be themselves, where they can get their questions answered, where their kids will be cared for and where they can help others. But so many of us have left churches where we feel like we don’t fit in or feel like we are someone’s project to fix. Our heart at Restored, is summarized in this statement “every person has a past but every believer has a future”. We pray that God will help us reach and care for those who’ve drifted from God, those who are unsure of their faith and those who just don’t feel like their gifts are being used in the church they are attending. 

WHEN: Sunday December 2nd at 10:30AM WHERE: Windsor Recreation Center (250 11th St, Windsor, CO 80550)

WHY: (Our Vision): We exist to bring people to Jesus Christ, who can restore their lives, build them up in their faith, and send them out to reach others.

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Restored to freedom: God’s pursuing gives us hope and sets us free.