Summary of the TAP results (Target Analysis Process): 

To begin seeking God’s plan for our new church we conducted extensive research in our area. Here’s some of what we found - 

Over the last seven years, the population has increased by over 115%, and house prices have increased by over 80% - This area is booming! 

We used a simple community survey that asked several multiple choice questions

The first survey question asked about the community Strengths - The top 3 answers were, economic stability, recreational opportunities, and community events/activities.  

The second survey question asked about the community weaknesses - The top 3 answers were, support for single parents, support for low-income family’s, and availability of affordable housing. 

The third survey question asked how a new church could help the community - The top 3 answers were, help by supporting and encouraging families, help people in need of affordable housing, help people with practical needs. 

We concluded that there are lots of new people moving into the area. A new church offers a place to experience community. It is also a place to care practically and spiritually for the people in our area. 

We found that lots of people we spoke to were receptive to the idea of a new church. 

These are the factors that led us to focus on Windsor as the area God is leading us to start a brand new church.